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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The University of Washington

The University of Washington
The University of Washington

University of Washington (often referred to as Washington or UDub) is a public research university in Seattle, Washington, United States. Founded in 1861, UW is the largest university in the Northwest and one of the oldest universities in the West Coast. The University has three campuses: the largest in the University District, Seattle and the other two in Tacoma and Seattle. Operational costs for fiscal year 2010 is over U.S. $ 5.0 billion UW occupies more than 500 buildings, with more than 20 million gross square footage of space, including the latest University of Washington UW Plaza which consists of 325 ft Tower and conference center.

University of Washington considered a Public Ivy institutions and has been a member of the American Association of University since 1950. The university's research budget is one of the highest in the United States and the university consistently ranked among the 20 best universities in the world


City of Seattle is one of several settlements in the mid to late 19th century vying for superiority in the newly formed Washington Territory. In 1854, the governor Isaac Stevens recommended the establishment of a university in Washington. Several prominent Seattle-area residents, chief among them Methodist preacher Daniel Bagley, saw this as an opportunity tread University adds prestige to the city. They were able to convince early founder of Seattle and a member of the territorial legislature Arthur A. Denny of the importance of Seattle winning school. Legislature was originally chartered two universities, one in Seattle and one in Lewis County, but later revoked its decision in favor of a single university in Lewis County, provided locally donated land to be found. If the site does not appear, legislative, driven by Denny, the university moved to Seattle in 1858.

In 1861, began scouting for the right 10 acres (4 ha) site in Seattle to serve as a campus for a new university. Denny, along with fellow pioneers Edward Lander and Charlie Terry donated a site at "Denny's Knoll" in downtown Seattle. This tract is bordered by Line 4 and 6 on the west and east, and Union and Seneca Street on the north and south.
UW officially opened on 4 November 1861, as the Territorial University of Washington. The following year, the legislature passed articles formally combine and form the University Board of Regents. Initially struggling schools, closing three times: in 1863 due to lack of students, and again in 1867 and 1876 due to lack of funds. However, Clara Antoinette McCarty Wilt became the first graduates from the UW in 1876 when he graduated from UW with a degree in science. By the time Washington entered the Union in 1889, both Seattle and the University has grown substantially. Enrollment has increased from 30 students beginning to almost 300, and the relative isolation of the campus has given way to breaking development. A special legislative committee, led by UW graduate Edmond Meany was created for the purpose of finding a new campus better able to serve the growing student population. The committee chose the site in Union Bay northeast of downtown, and the legislature allocated funds for the purchase and subsequent construction.

The university moved from downtown to the new campus in 1895, moved to newly built Denny Hall. The regents tried and failed to sell the old campus, and finally settled in the lease area. The university still has what is now called the Metropolitan Line. At the heart of the city, among the pieces of the most valuable real estate in Seattle and generates millions of dollars in revenue per year.
The original Territorial University building was torn down in 1908 and the former site currently houses Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Remnants of a single surviving the first UW building four 24-foot (7.3 m), white, hand-fluted cedar, Ionic columns. They were rescued by Edmond S. Meany - one of the first graduates of the University and former head of the department of history. Meany and his partner, Dean Herbert T. Condon, dubbed each column of "Loyalty", "Industrial", "Faith" and "efficiency," or "ON." Columns are now standing in the Sylvan Grove Theater.

The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition lower campus axis toward Mount Rainier
Organizers Alaska Yukon-Pacific 1909-exhibition looking at the campus remains largely undeveloped as a major setting for their world fair. They come to an agreement with the Board of Regents that allows them to use the campus grounds for the exposition. In return, the University will be able to take advantage of campus development for the fair after the conclusion. This includes a detailed site plan and several buildings. Plans for the AYP Exposition prepared by John Charles Olmsted and then incorporated into the overall campus master plan and permanently affect the layout of the campus.

Two World Wars, the military brings to the campus, with certain facilities temporarily loaned to the federal government. The next is the post-war period of dramatic growth for the University. The period between the wars saw a significant expansion on the campus. Quadrangle Development liberal arts, students known as the "Quad," began in 1916 and continued in stages until 1939. Two wings of Suzzallo Library, which is considered as the central architecture of the University, built in 1926 and 1935, respectively. Further growth emerging from the end of World War II and part of the GI Bill. Among the most important developments of this period was the opening of a medical school in 1946. It will eventually grow into the University of Washington Medical Center, is now ranked by U.S. News and World Report among the top ten hospitals in the United States. It was during this era in the history of the University of Washington where many Japanese Americans were expelled from the university to internment camps along the western coast of the United States as part of Executive Order 9066 after the attack on Pearl Harbor. As a result, many Japanese Americans' soon-to-be "graduates receive a diploma and can not be recognized for their achievements at the university to the University of Washington memorial service for Japanese Americans, entitled The Long Journey Home was held on May 18, 2008 at the main campus.
In the early 1950s, the University of Washington Police Department was established. Currently has jurisdiction over the University of Washington and the University's residential campus, except for Radford Court apartments in Sand Point.

Spanish universities have headquarters in the old city of Leon in collaboration with the University of León.
The 1960s and 1970s known as the "golden age" of the university because of the tremendous growth in students, facilities, operating budgets and prestige under the leadership of Charles Odegaard 1958-1973. Enrollment in UW more than doubled-from about 16,000 to 34 000, as the baby boom generation comes of age. As happened in many American universities, this era is characterized by high levels of student activity, with a lot of unrest focused around opposition to the Vietnam War. Odegaard instituted a vision of building a "community of scholars" and convinced Washington state legislature to increase their investment to the university. Additionally, Washington senators, Henry M. Jackson and Warren G. Magnuson used their political influence to funnel federal money to research the University of Washington and to this day, the UW is one of the top recipient of federal research funds in the United States. The results include an increase in the operating budget of $ 37 million in 1958, to more than $ 400 million in 1973, and 35 new buildings that doubled the floor space of the university.
The university opened the campus in Seattle and Tacoma in 1990. Initially, these campuses offered curricula for students seeking a bachelor's degree who have completed two years of higher education, but both schools have been transferred to a four-year university, new students receive a first class in fall 2006. Both campuses offer master's degree program as well. In 2009 the University opened an office in the Spanish city of Leon in collaboration with local universities.

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