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Thursday, May 10, 2012

News of The Sukhoi SSJ 100

Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft Jakarta shattered on the cliffs of Mount Salak. PT Trimarga Rekatama assumed as representative of Sukhoi aircraft crashed into a cliff and then exploded. However, the possibility that the plane did not burn, because there is no visible charred area.

"The plane crashed into a cliff and crashed when it exploded," said Sunaryo of PT Trimarga Rekatama when contacted by AFP on Thursday (5/10/2012). Trimarga Sukhoi is an agent in Indonesia.

But according to him, was not found traces of burning in the vicinity. Evacuation team reported that there are found only rubble.

"Yes, there is no trace of the photo on fire," he explained.

The aircraft was called missing on Wednesday (9/5). Undertaking a joy flight plane with 45 people in the cabin. But the area around Mount Salak plane dropped from an altitude of 10 thousand feet to six thousand feet.

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