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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barcelona Messi Denies Ever Being Racist

Lionel Messi 2012
 Lionel Messi

Barcelona - Barcelona  to respond to allegations against  Barcelona  Lionel Messi Roysthon Drenthe. Barca faction denied that Messi had a racist act against the Dutchman.

As has been reported previously, in an article published one news site in the Netherlands,, Drenthe says that the world's best player three times it has to be racist to him.

Drenthe mention one incident in which Messi is a racist act when he met with the Argentine star was in the match between Hercules vs Barcelona, which Messi addressed him as "hola, nigger!"

But Barca insist considers the allegations were "completely misses the point".

As reported by The Independent, Barca spokesman said: "Players (Barcelona) has always demonstrated a high respect and sportsmanship toward opponents, and it has been repeatedly recognized by many parties. We are confident that the allegations (Drenthe) on the same Messi completely misses the point.

"Behavior (Messi) career has always been exemplary."

Meanwhile, the highest football authority FIFA as it seems not to investigate allegations against Messi Drenthe. If convicted, the possibility of Messi will be exposed to such punishment received by Luis Suarez: banned for eight games and fined 40 000 pounds.

Suarez was convicted by a body of English football, FA, as shown to make racist remarks by saying "No hablo con los negros" ("I'm not talking to the negro" - red) on Patrice Evra when Liverpool host Manchester United in the Premier League title January.

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