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When Canon was tempted to play fast in class mirrorless, eventually making a new sensor size. The new sensor is larger than the micro four thirds sensor as used Panasonic Lumix and Olympus E-PL, but smaller than APS-C sensor DSLR.

This new generation of sensors for the PowerShot G1X adopted which is in the range of Canon compact premium. In the sensor size dimensions G1X six times larger than the sensor resolution 10-megapixel G12. That is, is a breakthrough or penatang mirrorless before the Canon one day presenting interchangeable lens camera.

According to Aaron Merry, Director of the Division of Canon, pt. Datascrip, Canon PowerShot G1X be the answer for photographers who need a camera that is more compact and lighter, but with the character and quality of the image that resembles a DSLR camera.

Sensor size
Canon PowerShot G1X has a CMOS sensor measuring 18.7mm x 14mm, close to APS-C sensor size (22.2mm x 14.8mm) used Canon EOS DSLR. Larger sensor produces bokeh effects and deeper dimensions such as those produced by digital SLR cameras. Also when done cropping and still keep it still looks good and detailed.

Support resolution of 14 megapixel camera with APS-C sensor approach and supports the RAW format with 14-bit color depth should be enough to meet a variety of simple but high quality photography as an entry level DSLR. Can also be a second camera for photographers when choosing an image recording device is compact but quality.

4x Optical Zoom lens
Because the lens can not be replaced, carefully presenting Canon PowerShot G1X tech UA lens with optical zoom range is more powerful, which is equivalent to 4x 28-112mm 35mm equivalent with F2.8-5.6 aperture. We think enough to capture the range of focal range shooting.

Canon PowerShot G1X with optical magnification
Which we also feel when together PowerShot G1X, Image Stabilizer The PowerShot adopted G1X is the latest version of IS that produces sharp images in a variety of shooting conditions. That makes us a bit surprised when targeting objects with zoommaksimal, when snap a blur and so quite clearly seen on the screen. Pattern of work which is good because at the maximum zoom range can still produce a good picture anyway.

Smart Auto
Smart Auto feature can recognize an increase of up to 32 types of shooting situations and automatically optimizes camera settings for best results including optimal use of IS, to produce the best images of your important moments.

It should be noted, Smart Auto is not just for the beginner. Anyone who wants to get the most and do not want to bother with all kinds of settings for the conditions in a hurry to use it. Increasing number of scenes that were presented, the more intelligent anyway to read a variety of shooting conditions, as evidenced G1X.

ISO 12800, 6 FPS
Various features of the above will get more leverage when making support in low light conditions remain good. Thanks to the use of the DIGIC processor 5, the HS system and the ISO speed can be increased to 12,800 with a fixed low-noise, taking pictures in low light conditions still look good. Convenient to capture everything in low lighting conditions. But if you do need the help of light on certain conditions, can take advantage of built-in flash.

While the shutter speed to burst at 6 frames per second or 4.5 frames per second for full resolution. Speed ​​is very useful for moments like that easily passed or moving objects can be precisely targeted, including the expression of a person.

Full HD 1080
Besides the ability to produce a good still image, also excels at video making. PowerShot G1X ready to record precious moments in Full HD (1080p), 24 frames per second with stereo sound. Thanks to the support of the CMOS sensor is larger than the compact camera and high-performance, we can make high quality movies.

Moreover, supported by LCD can be rotated so that any record in a variety of conditions still enjoy, even for low and high angle. Also the quality of 3-inch screen with 922 000 dot resolution provides comfort and flexibility to the composition.

Bringing PowerShot G1X quite fun. The body does not light, but quite comfortable and not easy to shake when used. A textured hand grip design feels more enjoy while doing shots. Ring-shaped buttons compensation arrangements under quite practical shooting modes enhance or reduce the light. Overall we feel comfortable - regardless of body weight.

Here are some of the results of the Canon PowerShot G1X.

Speed: 1/320, ISO 125, F-Stop: 5.6

With Auto Scenes up to 32 options, it can produce optimal images in a variety of conditions - including in the sun

Good enough to read the colors in the afternoon, so it looks impressive

Like the EOS camera system, the PowerShot G1X offers a variety of accessories to enhance the flexibility and performance. If the use of manual pop-up flash on the camera is less adequate, external Speedlite can be mounted on the hotshoe is available. Capture images and video underwater to a depth of 40m or during heavy rain was not a problem because there is also Waterproof Case WP-DC44.

An optional filter adapter FA-DC58C, also gives the photographer the freedom to install a variety of filters such as circular polarizer or other filter.

All the capabilities and features offered in a fairly compact design with a new sensor size, G1X a compelling offer in the arena of premium compact camera that can compete with the quality of entry level DSLR.

Sensor: CMOS 1.5 "
Resolution: Approx. 14.3 Million pixels
Lens: 4x zoom, F2.8-8.5 15.1-60.4mm (35mm film equivalent: 28-112mm)
Processor: DIGIC 5
LCD: 3.0 ", TFT LCD, approx. 922.000 dots
Record video: Full HD 1080 @ 24 fps
IS: Lens-shift
Optical Viewfinder: Real-image zoom viewfinder (with dioptric adjustment)
ISO: Auto, ISO 100-12800
Shutter speed: 1 - 1/4000sec
Continuous: Approx. 4.5 shots / sec. (High-speed Burst)
Storage: SDHC / SDXC
Type of data: Still: Exif 2.3 (JPEG), RAW (14bit, Canon original CR2)
Movie: MOV (Image data: H.264, Audio data: Linear PCM (2 channel stereo))
Interface: USB, HDMI output, Etc.
Battery: Battery pack NB-10L
Dimensions: 116.7 x 80.5 x 64.7mm
Weight: Approximately 492g (body only)

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