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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samsung Presents New Smart TV

Samsung Presents New Smart TV
JAKARTA - PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched its latest Smart TV uses the latest LED technology to deliver a captivating entertainment for families.

With the theme 'The Future of Smart TV, Now Samsung wants consumers to feel the future of technology through a series of Smart TV product which has been equipped with the latest cutting-edge innovations.

Managing Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Yoo Young Kim explained, the Samsung Smart TV, 2012, in line with Samsung's vision, namely, Connected Life (life connected to each other). Vision to create an unlimited connectivity and facilitate the people to share content.

"Where content can be connected to all of our products. Samsung Smart TV has thousands of content to support smart lifestyle, and make your life easier and richer experience, \" he said in the launch of Smart TV in Senayan City, Jakarta, Thursday, April 26.

He introduced the ES7500 and ES8000 product type that comes equipped with dual core processor micro dimming for image clarity and color clarity of the operational support system Slim LED TV.

Samsung Smart TV Smart TV is a second generation of the company that has branches in 27 countries. Introducing the latest innovation in three main pillars, namely, interaction smart, smart content, smart and evolution. New product with more content, interactive screens, intuitive control, superb image quality and captivating design.

Samsung AV Product Head Indonesia, Marvy Lumentut Arnold explains, smart interaction allows users to interact with TV. Application circuit is, voice control, motion control, and face recognition.

This application can respond to voice users, so the TV can be turned on through the sound. Changing TV channels and access the applications on it without having to press a button.

TV programs can also be accessed through hand signals. "Smart TV may recognize the sound and movement. We can control the channel or volume using only voice or hand gestures," he explained.

Face recognition is equipped with a built in camera is one of the unique features of the Smart TV. This facility, allowing the TV to recognize the face of users, so users do not need to type your ID or password to access the smart network hub and skype.

"The camera on the top of the TV will measure and identify the owner of the face, can store five profiles. Through TV can also share images with family using our satellite network clouds. What's more, users can monitor your home remotely, such as CCTV at home, \" added Marvy.

Furthermore, the content is a smart new Samsung Smart TV applications. Includes various features that can be connected to the internet. It will also include learning programs for children and games that educate. "Recent Content, are, family, fitness, kids and family," he said.

Samsung Smart evolution complements the presence of this second edition of the Smart TV. Through evolution kit that attaches to the back can be set to update or upgrade the facilities owned by Smart TV Samsung 2012 in the coming years.

Presenting the latest breakthroughs in content, connectivity, control up to design an attractive, PT Samsung showcased the Samsung Smart TV in the main atrium of Senayan City since 26 to 29 April 2012.

PT Samsung invites consumers directly feel the usefulness of future TV technology on the market ranging in size from 32 to 55 inches, with prices between Rp27 million to Rp47 million.

Home Browse KTI month, On the same occasion, the Consumer Electronic Bussines Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Suryanto Iffan admitted, it was targeting sales of up to 80 thousand units throughout Indonesia.

Included in Eastern Indonesia (KTI). Samsung Smart TV will be present at EI 2012 later than the end of next month. Mainly in Makassar, Manado, and the Moluccas. \ "We have no later than three weeks until the Makkassar. Eastern Indonesia, Makassar three weeks from now. It also depends on the delivery, use ships, \" he explained.

KTI also judged to have contributed to the increased marketing of Samsung products. So that Samsung still leads the number one TV market in Indonesia and the world during the last six years.

This success is supported by the existence of as many as 13 branches, 14 sub-branches, and 64 Samsung service station throughout Indonesia. "Our target market is medium household consumers up," he said.

He reiterated that the Samsung Smart TV, not only can megakses internet. But it also comes with features that are not owned by Smart TV. Especially on the features of smart interaction. "TV is a lot of applications on it. In the last year have not been up educated consumer. This year we will do better," he said.

He added that the internet network to facilitate access to Samsung's Smart TV, 2012, it took a PT Telekomunication Indonesia has indeed been a lot of reach areas in Indonesia. For the first 100 buyers, receive free access for six months.

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