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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now on Facebook Can Send Message of Death

Although the owner of the account on the Facebook social networking is dead, not necessarily automatically closed her account. Except at the request of many people. Now that Facebook offers an application for someone who wants to make a will on Facebook, If I Die.

This testament to send a message after the account owner confirmed dead. If I Die's will offer a message to friends trusted (trustee) and the one you love on Facebook. After installing this application, then you must choose three trusted friends who can confirm the death of you.
Then you can choose the video footage or messages that can be published. If the trusted friends had confirmed the death, then your message can be directly published on your wall or out according to the time you set.

It sounds strange to make perpisahaan message. But Wilook, enterprise applications If I Die maker based in Israel claimed no one could predict death.
"We have many things to say but do not really need a listener who can wait to hear everything," said Eran Alfonta, inventor of this application. "Actually, everyone wants to leave something, we want to leave a message or a marker behind us."
Alfonta get an idea of ​​the application If I Die from the experience of his own companions. A husband and wife who died from an accident in Italy.

Before he died the couple had said to him: "Oh god, what will happen to our children, if something happens to us yes." So the couple was then asked Alfonta create a site that can keep their records and will only open if they have died.
If I Die in a scheduled messaging allows the manufacturer. An example for people with cancer, so she can record video to your loved ones and will be posted on the wall every day they were born.
On the other hand, is If I Die make the owner of the account on Facebook was never dead. Because even though they die, survive profile, post comments and send personal messages as many messages they have created.

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