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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

12 Secrets About Cartoon Doraemon


Who does not know who Doraemon? Titular character robot cat cute & adorable sdh so this is a figure of "Across Generations." Sy asked as Grandma, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, etc. than I have .. all immediately know and put a smile plus sumringah response when asked or told to discuss the figures anime / manga made by Fujiko Fujio duo this.

Well ... so far, as a Doramaniac (strange term, indeed), I think this time I already knew almost everything about Doraemon ... but apparently not! Bgmn agan2 with gentlemen? Come on, let's test your knowledge about the blue robot cat with a few interesting about Doraemon fakta2 that I collected from various sources ...

1. What does the name "Doraemon"?
Doraemon's name actually coined from two words: Dora & Emon. Dora is a kind of play on the "Nora," which comes from "Nora-Neko" the stray cat. Emon is a traditional sort of postscript to the name of which the human or animal male sex, for example, Ishikawa Goemon.

Literally, the name can be interpreted Doraemon "Stray male cat" (male feral cats)

Dora could also mean "gong" (that's "Dora," which is used in the name of the cake dorayaki) ... Although it's not that "dora" in use in the name Doraemon ... but it becomes a kind of pun, in which the body Doraemon is a round-round like a gong.

2. What is a production code of Doraemon?
Yes! Doraemon has turned the production code, the MS-903. This is the original name as a robot Doraemon, and with this name he was called by the owner of the robot factory where he manufactured.

The name is mentioned in the episode of Doraemon's birthday in 2007.

3. When Doraemon Done Produced?
3 September 2112 is the date on which the manufactured finished Doraemon

4. What a lucky number of Doraemon?

Doraemon has a weight of 129.3 kg (285 lbs) and height 129.3 cm (4'3 "). He can run up to 129.3 km / h (80.3 mph) when scared and jump 129.3 cm (424 , 2 feet) when in danger. maximum power of 129.3 bhp. wrist circumference 129.3 mm. da head circumference and the circumference of 129.3 cm and it is. legs diameter of 129.3 mm. It is produced on September 3, 2112 (again again 12/9/3), in Matsushiba Robot Factory.

5. Who is the former girlfriend Doraemon in the 22nd century?
Noramyako. He is mentioned in the Bonus Data-Data on Tankoubon Doraemon volume 11. Gara2 Doraemon Doraemon Noramyako decided it was too short for him (after breaking his ear bitten by rats).

6. What the original color of Doraemon?
Doraemon's original paint color is yellow. After knowing that his ear bitten by rats, he is in a depression, sneak into the tower, where he drank a potion labeled "sadness". When he cried, and his voice faded yellow color change due to ingredients page.

Doraemon good at English, gan, because understanding the English term "In Blue" ygartinya "being sad"

Doraemon 7. whether School?
Yes. According to the spin-off series of Doraemon "The Doraemons", the name of the school is simple Doraemon, the robot School

Name of teacher who 8.Who Nobita Nobita is often angry-mad?
Teacher leaders are also very worried ygsebenarnya Nobita (Nobita males2an but the basic Si wrote, so yes ...) This is actually from the beginning did not have a name and simply called Sensei wrote. However, the version ygdiputar at Nihon Television, he was given the original name "Ganari"

9. And why Doraemon Dorami you said?

It becomes an interesting mystery ... why Doraemon and Dorami referred to as brother and sister?

Apparently, because they are both "born" from an oil tank as well ... and "Doraemon" first born of Dorami (2 years older), so he called a "brother", then Dorami Sewashi also hired by the family after Doraemon, so he called a "brother."

10. Why Dorami More Good Than Doraemon?
According to the data, Dorami greater than Doraemon ... Dorami able to produce an energy of 10 000 horsepower, please compare with Doraemon that can only be issued for 129.3 horsepower (figure hokinya Doraemon nih)

But if the "more popular of which ...?", Ane agan2 tau own sense is

At emergence Dorami 11.from Nobita In Life?
Dorami was not immediately appear in the family Nobita, but the great-great-great-grandson in the family Nobita Sewashi the 22 st century. Dorami purchased to replace Doraemon, Nobita sent to accompany. Which has Dorami is Sewashi and send Dorami (and Doraemon) also Sewashi. Dorami usually sent to replace the task of maintaining Doraemon Doraemon Nobita was in an important matter so that he could not accompany Nobita, such as he should be in-tune up at the factory.

Afraid of Mice Doraemon 12.why Same?
Doraemon was afraid of mice because of trauma because digerigiti robot ears robot mice as well as he naps ... but ane sure this is not the answer you are looking agan

Why "should be" afraid of mice? The answer may be quite good quality and definitely NOT a fact, just opinion ane: yes because Fujiko Fujio wants it.

Was I joking? No, seriously! Fujiko Fujio known for their high level of imagination even in their karya2 than Doraemon. They love to create fresh humor unsur2 never even mentioned at that time. Suppose they are JK Rowling was on the old-fashioned Japanese.

With a premise so ... I'm just guessing that the duo Fujiko Fujio know, that by creating a reversed hunting (rats scare the cat, cat dog scare, scare the ghost man) as a running gag in the Doraemon ... it will be a steady increase in the comedy series, as well as heightens the impression that Doraemon is a robot that "adorable" and not harmful to humans because he was afraid anyway .... just a mouse, its natural prey.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Luka Modric One more step to Real Madrid

Luka Modric 2012
MADRID - Real Madrid's intention to recruit Luka Modric be fine cuisine Spanish media. More recently, Marca estimate the number to be charged back Modric if so join Real Madrid.

If so join Real Madrid, Modric will not have a chance to wear the uniform back numbered 10 and 14. Because the man was 26 years been synonymous with the costume back numbered 10 and 14. When I was with Dynamo Zagreb, Modric back wearing the number 14 and re-wear the same number back at Tottenham Hotspur.

While the Croatian national team, Modric back wearing the number 10 after it was put on the back number 14.

At Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso's midfield is irreplaceable, Xabi Alonso. And back number 10 and would be an important player icons Los Blancos, Mesut Ozil. This situation makes Modric should look for a new number if it be joined to the stronghold of Santiago Bernabeu.

Modric could get back number 8's Kaka. However, the decline in appearance and often reserved Kaka, Kaka likely to give it back to Modric numbers. Moreover, widely circulated Jose Mourinho Kaka despite his contract will remove the remaining three years.

However, Modric is considered the most suitable to wear the uniform number ever worn back 23 David Beckham and Rafael van der Vaart, tandemnya at Spurs.

Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric be a serious game Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer. Tottenham Hotspur, a club owner Modric fix the price of 40 million pounds, but Real Madrid insists with a bid of 35 million pounds.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Raid Movie Reviews

The Raid Movie Reviews

WARSAW - Indonesia should be proud. A child's artwork is represented in the work of nation movie called The Raid able to go international and reap praise from the international community, including the Poles.

Warsaw residents still managed to take the time to watch the movie The Raid in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Euro 2012. The stands to watch the enthusiasm of the citizens of Warsaw to watch the film by director Gareth Evans in Arkadia Mall movie theater, Warsaw, Thursday (21/6).

In general, The Raid was already running at more than 280 cinemas Europe including the UK and Ireland, since last May 18, 2012. In Warsaw alone has aired in late May, ahead of the opening of Euro 2012.

Though it was nearly over for a month but the interest of the audience to watch an action movie about a martial arts martial arts it still gets warm welcome from the audience at the State Lech Walesa. There is still a lot of spectators were present at the screening yesterday.

Rates watch The Raid in Warsaw theaters for 30 zloty, or about USD 90 thousand. The film was screened twice a day in Arkadia mall movie theater. While still a new show in Poland played up to four times a day.

Luiza Radziejewska, Tribune interviewed after seeing the film was deeply entertained and give praise to the Indonesian actors who starred in the movie game.

"I like to watch movies from your country. It's a very good movie with acting-acting natural. Even though it looks a little bit sadistic but I enjoyed it. There are the traditional values ​​of Indonesian martial arts that add insight to me," says Luiza.
The film stars Iko Uwais as Rama, a member of an elite police team invaders with a hidden agenda, the main protagonist of the film. Another actor Donny Alamsyah, Pierre Gruno, and Ray Sahetapy.

As the film opens with scenes of The Raid Rama is again the exercises and had to leave his pregnant wife, the spectators who watched in theaters the day it was already starting to feel carried away into the groove movie.
Then proceed with sadistic scenes of Tama who played drug kingpin Ray Sahetapy leadership. This is where the audience began to learn the skill of Indonesia plays a martial art.

The more obvious skills of the action when the scene switches to a special forces ready to invade the nest Tama. "Action .. Action .. and action ... in this part we really enjoyed it, great actors and great-great," said Luiza.
Won praise from the citizens of Warsaw is certainly not just any praise. Because the majority of the citizens of Warsaw has a high taste for the arts.

In Warsaw can be found easily young children learn their regular theaters even show it on the streets or in certain areas like in the old town and museums.

History of The Raid

The Raid (before the release: Invasion of Death) is a martial arts action films from Indonesia, directed by Gareth Evans and starring Iko Uwais. First published in the Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF) 2011 as the opening film for the category of Midnight Madness, the critics and audiences praised the film as one of the films best action after so many years was awarded the Cadillac People's Choice Midnight Madness Award.

The selection of these films to be screened at several international film festivals followed, such as the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (Ireland), Glasgow Film Festival (Scotland), Sundance Film Festival (Utah, USA), South by Southwest Film (SXSW, in Austin, Texas, USA), and the Busan Film Festival (South Korea), making it the first commercial film production of Indonesia's most successful on the world stage.


At the heart of the slums of Jakarta stands an old apartment building that became the headquarters of the murderers and bandits hiding dangerous. Until now, the rundown apartment block has been considered untouchable, even for the most courageous police officers though. Secretly under darkness and silence of dawn, an elite team of 20 police officers were assigned to the invaders to invade the apartment hiding to ambush famous drug kingpin who controls the building. But when an encounter with a scout to open their plans and news about the attacks they reach the kingpin of narcotics, the lights suddenly went out of the building and all the exits blocked. Stranded on the sixth floor and no way out, the special unit to fight against the worst criminals and ruthless to survive in the raid mission.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samsung Presents New Smart TV

Samsung Presents New Smart TV
JAKARTA - PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched its latest Smart TV uses the latest LED technology to deliver a captivating entertainment for families.

With the theme 'The Future of Smart TV, Now Samsung wants consumers to feel the future of technology through a series of Smart TV product which has been equipped with the latest cutting-edge innovations.

Managing Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Yoo Young Kim explained, the Samsung Smart TV, 2012, in line with Samsung's vision, namely, Connected Life (life connected to each other). Vision to create an unlimited connectivity and facilitate the people to share content.

"Where content can be connected to all of our products. Samsung Smart TV has thousands of content to support smart lifestyle, and make your life easier and richer experience, \" he said in the launch of Smart TV in Senayan City, Jakarta, Thursday, April 26.

He introduced the ES7500 and ES8000 product type that comes equipped with dual core processor micro dimming for image clarity and color clarity of the operational support system Slim LED TV.

Samsung Smart TV Smart TV is a second generation of the company that has branches in 27 countries. Introducing the latest innovation in three main pillars, namely, interaction smart, smart content, smart and evolution. New product with more content, interactive screens, intuitive control, superb image quality and captivating design.

Samsung AV Product Head Indonesia, Marvy Lumentut Arnold explains, smart interaction allows users to interact with TV. Application circuit is, voice control, motion control, and face recognition.

This application can respond to voice users, so the TV can be turned on through the sound. Changing TV channels and access the applications on it without having to press a button.

TV programs can also be accessed through hand signals. "Smart TV may recognize the sound and movement. We can control the channel or volume using only voice or hand gestures," he explained.

Face recognition is equipped with a built in camera is one of the unique features of the Smart TV. This facility, allowing the TV to recognize the face of users, so users do not need to type your ID or password to access the smart network hub and skype.

"The camera on the top of the TV will measure and identify the owner of the face, can store five profiles. Through TV can also share images with family using our satellite network clouds. What's more, users can monitor your home remotely, such as CCTV at home, \" added Marvy.

Furthermore, the content is a smart new Samsung Smart TV applications. Includes various features that can be connected to the internet. It will also include learning programs for children and games that educate. "Recent Content, are, family, fitness, kids and family," he said.

Samsung Smart evolution complements the presence of this second edition of the Smart TV. Through evolution kit that attaches to the back can be set to update or upgrade the facilities owned by Smart TV Samsung 2012 in the coming years.

Presenting the latest breakthroughs in content, connectivity, control up to design an attractive, PT Samsung showcased the Samsung Smart TV in the main atrium of Senayan City since 26 to 29 April 2012.

PT Samsung invites consumers directly feel the usefulness of future TV technology on the market ranging in size from 32 to 55 inches, with prices between Rp27 million to Rp47 million.

Home Browse KTI month, On the same occasion, the Consumer Electronic Bussines Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Suryanto Iffan admitted, it was targeting sales of up to 80 thousand units throughout Indonesia.

Included in Eastern Indonesia (KTI). Samsung Smart TV will be present at EI 2012 later than the end of next month. Mainly in Makassar, Manado, and the Moluccas. \ "We have no later than three weeks until the Makkassar. Eastern Indonesia, Makassar three weeks from now. It also depends on the delivery, use ships, \" he explained.

KTI also judged to have contributed to the increased marketing of Samsung products. So that Samsung still leads the number one TV market in Indonesia and the world during the last six years.

This success is supported by the existence of as many as 13 branches, 14 sub-branches, and 64 Samsung service station throughout Indonesia. "Our target market is medium household consumers up," he said.

He reiterated that the Samsung Smart TV, not only can megakses internet. But it also comes with features that are not owned by Smart TV. Especially on the features of smart interaction. "TV is a lot of applications on it. In the last year have not been up educated consumer. This year we will do better," he said.

He added that the internet network to facilitate access to Samsung's Smart TV, 2012, it took a PT Telekomunication Indonesia has indeed been a lot of reach areas in Indonesia. For the first 100 buyers, receive free access for six months.