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Sunday, March 18, 2012

History of Keroppi

* Keroppi FROGS ARE cute and who have the cheek color PINK*

Year Created: 1987

Real Name: Hasu No Ue Keroppi (Keroppi on the Lily Pad)

Date of Birth: July 10

Keroppi is the most popular frog of Donut Pond, and the largest pool of blue. He's very adventurous, being timid and not very active. his talent for singing and swimming. Nothing is inhibited for a long time - always optimistic and bring sunshine to the lives of family and friends. He was part of the Ganta-trio-Keroppi Kyorosuke naughty. Keroppi and his friends share his love for playing games, especially baseball and boomerangs. He lives with his family at home KeroKero, found next to the Donut Pond. He was part of the twin three brothers, two brothers who Pikki and Koroppi. They are the experts illusion: they can jump up and down so fast, they look like ten frogs instead of three!

Keroppi friend

Keroleen: Keroleen has a kind heart and gentle, always there to offer a kind word or wipe the water after an argument (he is the natural peacemaker) .. She is Donut Pond's resident fashionista, almost never seen wearing the same outfit twice (but she was her polka-dot dress as her favorite). He's a novice chef in training, because their students Keroppi's mother. His specialty is pancakes (which she sometimes made with Pikki). Birthday on January 21. There are some episodes with her tears and with takut.Dia have emotions. his passion is fashion.

Kyorosuke: Kyorosuke is wildly curious, always out looking for new things. Because he has superior eyesight (he can see things that more than half a mile away), it is often the first to pick up new information. He was a little prankster, enjoying surprising people by suddenly jumping from the water (because he is an expert in underwater swimming) - Keroppe usually the person who eventually collapsed because of this. He was part of the Ganta-Kyorosuke-Keroppi. Birthday on 22 April. He is the highest of Keroppi's friends.

Ganta: She is the leader of Keroppi - Kyorosuke - Ganta trio. He is the strongest frog in Donut Pond (at least, he likes to think so), but he is actually afraid of the dark. His special talent is to turn himself into batu.Ulang year is on October 10. He dikerjaiin his friends by throwing a piece of rope and make them afraid to say it was a snake.

Noberu: Noberu is a thinker and a trustworthy group of friends. He wanted to follow his father's footsteps and become a weather forecaster for the government weather bureau (he can predict hurricanes with amazing accuracy). Although he was not a lot of athletes, he more than makes up for it by doing experiments and creating stuff. When he and his friends went to swim, he uses a homemade camera to take pictures of them.

Keroppe: Keroppe is the new Donut Pond, having just moved there from Hyoutan (gourd) pond, which on the other side of the mountain. He regularly zones, making the target a lot of practical jokes. When he is not sitting under any available leaf and vegetating for three days (which he is famous for), he loves making toy boats and masks out of wildflowers. His birthday is on June 22.

Denden: Denden is Keroppi's constant companion despite their energy and activity levels. She relaxed with a tendency to daydream. He loves playing in the rain. He spent a lot of time to catch up with Keroppi. His birthday is on April 22.i love Keroppi-hunter

Teruteru: This little girl rain charm has the amazing ability to accurately predict the weather. She loves collecting ribbons as a hobby. Birthday on May 18.

Keroppi's Family

Pikki: Pikki is Keroppi's sister, her only Hasu No Ue triplet. I If Keroppi is the most popular frog in Donut Pond, she was definitely a head-turner, which is really cute. Her hobbies and tree-climbing (she and Keroleen can make a mean batch of pancakes!) Because he is a resident favorite babysitter Donut Pond, she knows all the kids in there (which is really great as it helps a lot!)

Koroppi: While he and Keroppi are often mistaken for each other (they look almost exactly alike), is actually one Koroppi quieter. He was a permanent employee and hard worker, more like tinkering with machines in his spare time. He has the best voice in the family, and he became a great singer earned him a place in the Choir KeroKero.

Keroppa is the father of the triplets'. He is a resident physician Hasu No Ue Hospital, and he was able to help heal just about anyone who needs help.

To Rome: to Rome, the mother of the triplets', is a master chef! He runs his own small restaurant, but he always has time to make rice balls, Keroppi's favorite food (give energy)!

Kerobah: She is the grandmother the triplets'. She loves to shop for hats.

Kerojee: He was the grandfather of the triplets', and he liked to tell funny stories.

Keroke: This is the cousin of the triplets ", and they love watching Keroppi and his friends play baseball.

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