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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Definition of Socialization According to the Experts

Definition of Socialization According to the Experts

Socialization is defined as a lifelong process of how an individual study habits that include ways of life, values ​​and social norms present in the community to be accepted by society. The following definition of socialization according to experts ;

1. Charlotte Buhler
Socialization is the process that helps individuals learn and adapt, how to live, and thought his group so he can play and work with the group.
2. Peter Berger
Socialization is a process by which a person appreciate and understand the norms in the community where he lived so that will shape his personality.
3. Paul B. Horton
Socialization is a process by which a person appreciate and understand the norms in the community where he lived so that will shape his personality.
4. Soerjono Soekanto
Socialization is the process of communicating culture to the new citizens.

Socialization can occur through social interaction directly or indirectly. Socialization process can take place through social groups, such as family, playmates and school, workplace, and the mass media. The media can become a means of socialization are family, school, friends and the mass media play work environment.

A. Family
First known by the children is his mother, father and siblings. Parental discretion is good in the process of socialization of children, among others:
1. tried to close with her children
2. reasonably supervise and control that children do not feel pressured
3. encourage the child is able to distinguish right from wrong, good and bad
4. provide a good example
5. advise children if made mistakes and did not impose penalties outside the boundaries kejawaran.
6. inculcate religious values ​​both by learning and applying religious worship in the family.

B. School
Education in secondary schools is a vehicle for socialization and a venue for the formal socialization process. Robert Dreeben argued that a child learned in school is not just reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also about self-sufficiency (independence), achievement (achievement), universalism (universal) and the uniqueness / specificity (specifity).

C. Friends play (group play)
The group has great influence and play a strong role in shaping a child's personality. In the group of playing children will learn to socialize with their peers. The peak effect of teenage friends are playing. The teens tried to implement the values ​​and norms that apply to the group is different from the values ​​prevailing in the family, so that the resulting conflict between children and their family members. This happens when the youth is more obedient to the values ​​and norms of the group.

d. Mass media
Mass media such as print media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids) and electronic media (television, radio, film and video). The magnitude of the influence of mass media is highly dependent on the quality and frequency of the message.

1) scenes which have eroded the morality of pornography and the increasing immorality in society
2) delivery of war news, movies, with scenes of violence or sadism has been widely believed to lead to increased aggressive behavior in children who watch.
3) Advertising of particular products has increased the consumption patterns of lifestyle or even society in general.

e. Work environment
Work environment is the last media socialization is strong enough, and effectively influence the formation of personality.
1) The working environment in orphanages
People who work in the long run orphanage environment formed by the type of personality has a high sense of humanity, full of patience and tolerance.
2) The working environment in the banking
This environment can make a person so full of calculations, especially on matters that are material and money.

Factors of social interaction
1. Imitation
Imitation is the process of social or mimic the actions of a person to others through behavior, appearance or lifestyle, and anything that belongs to someone else.
a. In a family environment
For example: how to talk, how to dress
b. Within the community
For example: style hair and clothes. Factors that accelerate the process of imitation.
a. audio visual media such as radio, and television and print media (newspapers, magazines).
b. Increasing complexity of society and the increasing social interaction.

2. Suggestion
Suggestion is the stimulus, influence, or the stimulation provided by an individual to another individual, so that people are given the suggestion to do what disugestikannya without thinking critically and rationally. Form of suggestion comes from people who have the authority, power, and influence, in a social environment. For example, scholars, indigenous leader, scholar, village elders, and so forth.

Suggestion will take place sooner or later be affected by the following:
a. Age
b. Intellectual abilities
c. The physical state
d. Personality
People to tersugesti including the following:
a. Less critical
b. Less educated
c. Giver authoritative suggestion. An example would be to hear the advice clergy and followed the advice of intellectuals.
d. People who are in a quandary.
3. Identification
4. Sympathy
5. Empathy
6. Motivation

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