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Monday, March 26, 2012

Yamaha MIO Fino Specification

Mio Fino, is a new production of Yamaha Motor in 2012 this. Mio Fino was launched to address the needs of women who always want to be different and fashionable. When viewed from its shape, this motor is very similar to the Honda Scoopy had first born. However, in terms of machine has different specifications. Yamaha seem to provide many options to its customers by always providing new products are fresh and in accordance with people's hearts. Yamaha is moving very quickly, after yesterday launched White Yamaha Jupiter Z, Yamaha Jupiter MX, Yamaha Byson, and Yamaha Mio J, Yamaha has now successfully launched Mio Fino is ready to flood the Indonesian automotive market.

Yamaha MIO Fino is equipped with Automatic Headlight On (Aho), fuel meter, speedometer, front pocket, CTV engine, and tail light. The kitchen spur, Mio Fino type equipped 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, fan cooled, and a capacity of 113 cc. This machine is able to catapult power up to 8.35 in the round PS 8000 rpm with peak torque reached 7.84 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Meanwhile, fuel consumption is claimed to be capable of up to 40 km / liter. Mio Fino has not adopted a system of injection, and still rely on the carburetor system.
Yamaha Mio Fino comes with a choice of three variants that we can choose according to our wishes. There Mio Sporty Fino, Mio Fino Fashion, Classic Fino and Mio. All at a price between 13juta bandrol - 14jutaan. Mio Fino prices are almost the same as the price of Honda Scoopy, and it will be very interesting because the two motor manufacturers are competing for the same category that is Fashionable Matic.

Specifications Yamaha Mio Fino

Yamaha Mio Fino
Length x width x height
1830 x 705 x 1050 mm
1240 mm
Distance low to the ground
125 mm
Empty weight
94 kg
Type of order
Steel pipe underbone
Type front suspension
Type of rear suspension
Swing arm with a silencer kejuttunggal
Front tire size
70/90 - 14M / C 34P
Rear tire size
89/90 - 14M / C 40P
The front brake
Hydraulic disc
Rear brakes
Fuel tank capacity
4.1 liter
Type of engine
Step 4, SOHC
Diameter x steps
50.0 x 57.9 mm
Volume measures
113.7 cc
Comparison of compression
8.8: 1
The maximum power
PS/8.000 8.35 rpm
Torsmi aksimum
Nm/7.000 7.84 rpm
Capacity of the engine lubricating oil
Total: 0.9 liter and 0.8 liter periodic replacement
Automatic clutch
Automatic, centrifugal, dry type
Transmission gear
Automatic CVT
Pattern transfer teeth
Pedal and electric
YTZ4V (MF battery) /
GTZ4V (MF battery)
Ignition system
DC-CDI, Battery

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